A Growing Family Finds Health Through Chiropractic

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

A Growing Family Finds Health Through Chiropractic

Susana: I sought out chiropractic work when I was seven months pregnant due to lower back pain and I had no idea of the incredible, overall health benefits. I’ve been a client since then and my baby is now almost five months. Not only did it alleviate my back pain while pregnant but it made my pregnancy much more comfortable and healthy overall. Since having the baby, it’s also helped me with my posture and neck pain due to all the baby feedings and sometimes awkward sleep positions. I have also not had a cold since starting chiropractic! Our baby, Sofia, also joins us for our weekly adjustments. It’s a great feeling to know that our little family is getting AND staying healthy together!

John: My wife began visiting Innate while she was pregnant to ease all the painful changes her body was experiencing. Soon after our baby was born, my wife enrolled her in the same chiropractic program. Witnessing the benefits they were receiving from getting adjusted, I decided to take the plunge. For years I battled with constant acid reflux, sour stomach, you name it. Within a few weeks of care at Innate, however, my lava-burning belly completely disappeared. I cannot thank Dr. Adana, Dr. Chris and Jessica enough! Our little family is healthy, happy, and able to eat everything in sight! Well, maybe not everything.

Sofia told us her testimony this morning (lol): I’ve been having adjustments since I was in my mommy’s belly to make sure I was positioned correctly. Once I came into this world I was adjusted when I was only two days old and have continued to get in my weekly visits with dr Adana and dr Chris. It’s helped me stay healthy and sleep better at night. I haven’t had a cold! Yay! My parents are very happy about that. Also, when they turn me upside down my alignment is balanced now.

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