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At Innate Family Chiropractic we specialize in pregnancy and pediatric care. Our passion is to see entire families grow healthier together year after year! We opened our doors in 2010 and have been delivering the highest quality chiropractic care in the community.

Since 2012 Innate Family Chiropractic has been voted the Best Chiropractors in Pasadena by the readers of  Pasadena Weekly! We'd love the opportunity to support you in improving your health, or the health of your family. If you're ready to take action head over to our New Patients page now!

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If you're new to chiropractic and want a little more information. Check out what our patients have to say over on our Success Stories page. There you will find videos and stories about the fantastic results that chiropractic care has provided.

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Recent Highlights

Seizures and Chiropractic

Elora’s Success Story Elora found her way to Innate Family Chiropractic by way of referral from a fantastic colleague in San Diego. Elora and...


Your Innate Intelligence

In this episode of Awesomely Healthy Kids Dr. Chris talks all about your body’s innate intelligence! Most kids haven’t heard of innate...


Water Flow and Nerve Flow!

In this episode of Awesomely Healthy Kids, Dr. Chris ventures outside to demonstrate the similarities between water flowing through a hose and energy...


Talking to Yourself is Fun!

  Being an Awesomely Healthy Kid includes having a healthy mindset! In this episode, Dr. Adana makes her debut, and teaches you how to do...


Drink Up Kids!

In this episode of Awesomely Healthy Kids we talk about getting plenty of water every single day! You’ll learn a couple simple tricks to make...


Your Neck & Your Devices

In this episode of Awesomely Healthy Kids you’ll learn about how to properly use your devices and protect your neck in the process!


Your Electrical System

In this first episode of Awesomely Healthy Kids you’ll learn about the similarities of your home’s electrical system and your...


Get Your Body Moving!

Just in Case… We’re sure that at some point in time you’ve been told that exercise is good for you. Right? Yeah, we figured, but...


Hugs for Better Health

What can we say, we’re huggers! As human beings it is one of the ways we keep each other well. The act of giving and receiving a hug produces...


Innate Turns 10 Years Old!

We Reflect The Innate you see now is nothing like it was on day one. In this video we sit down and talk about what those first days were like for us...

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