Evette Says Bye to Neck Pain

Evette Neck Pain

Evette Says Bye to Neck Pain

I was always interested in going to a chiropractor, I finally decided to come to Dr. Chris & Dr. Adana after feeling painful neck stiffness. I was very impressed with their scoring system and how everything is explained in a very comprehensive way. After my x-ray and first scan, it was clear that my body was not symmetrical or properly aligned. I could also see the correlation between my stress levels and its impact on my body. After my first adjustment, my neck pain was gone shortly after. I’ve had some issues with lower back pain and upper shoulder pain which I would typically treat with essential oils and massages, but now I don’t feel the intense knots in my shoulders and my left lower back pain is gone. I would typically have pretty horrible menstrual cramps and now they are not nearly as bad. I’ve always been a pretty health conscious person, but this experience has made me more aware of the importance of maintaining the framework of my body as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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