What is a Subluxation?

#TwoMinutesToHealth: What is a Subluxation?

What is a Subluxation? In this episode Dr. Chris describes the Subluxation. To us as chiropractors a subluxation is disruption in the nerve signal going from point A to point B. Dr. Chris uses the simple example of a text message that is stuck in “sending” mode to illustrate...

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  • Our joints needs to move and move fluidly...like all of our joints. This year kettlebells will be an important part of my training. 
I even got some great training guides from @dr.michael.dellacorte (but this isn’t one of them 🤪) I’m no fitness pro, but if you need suggestions in getting started I’ll point you in the right direction and maybe even sign you up for a @spartanrace! 
It finally stopped raining so no excuses, start moving your body! 
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