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Your Investigative Day: On your first visit to Innate Family Chiropractic, you will sit down with one of the doctors and together you will go on a fact finding mission. The objective is to find out where you are now, how you got there, and where you want to go with your health. Then a series of scans will be taken to read the current level of function your nervous system. After that, if the doctors deem necessary a series of x-rays will be requested. And that will wrap up your investigative day at Innate Family Chiropractic. 

Your Discovery Day: Your second day at Innate will be giving you all the details. One of the doctors will sit down with you and review all the facts. They will thoroughly explain the implications on your current level of function and most importantly give you the roadmap to achieving your health goals. During this time they will discuss the recommended care plan and your financial options. 

Decision Time: After discussing all the facts with the doctors it will be time to decide whether or not you’d like to commit to the plan. All of our patients follow a care plan in order to ensure they get the results they are looking for. If by chance you were looking for a chiropractor where you could drop in for a few visits for some temporary pain relief, Innate Family Chiropractic is not that office. On the other hand, if you’re ready to make a true change in your health and you are committed to that change, we’d love to be on your team, guiding you through the process. 

The Phone Call: To get the process started, you will have a short phone call with one of our team members. During that call, you will be asked some basic information, and the best time for you to come in for your Investigative Day. After the call, you’ll get an email summary of your appointment time, parking instructions, and anything else you might need to make your first visit great! 

The Bonus: You’ve read this far down the page, we think you deserve a bonus for that! On this page there’s a green box labeled “Free 3 Part Series on Improving Your Immunity!” and its asking for your Name and Email Address. By submitting your info you’ll receive a discount off of your Investigative Day! Second bonus, the video series that comes with that email is awesome, you should watch all three videos!

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Free 3 Part Series on Improving Your Immunity!

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  • As school has resumed, kids and adults are getting sick, BUT not all of them. So is it due to the Soil or the Seed? ⠀⠀
Seed = Germs
The media tries to heavily convince us that we need to be afraid of the germs being spread around us this time of year. Here’s the funny thing, those germs didn’t just arrive. They’re always around us. People don’t magically get sick because of these new germs. They get sick because of weakened soil. ⠀⠀
Soil = Your Body
If you’ve gotten sick recently, think back to what your stress levels have been over the past few weeks. Have you stayed clean with your diet? Have you been exercising? When was your last adjustment? Kids and adults become sick when their resistance to germs is lowered. ⠀⠀
Obviously we should practice good hygiene, but we need to stop blaming these external factors and recognize that our behaviors are what led to us getting sick. ⠀⠀
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