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Cynthia – Feeling Great!

I came in to Innate originally to see if I could get relief from a low-grade pain in my neck and back, numbness in my leg, etc. Massages only gave me...


Chris – Way to go!

Before Trying Chiropractic Diagnosed with Asthma Constant Coughing. Went to the Emergency Room 5 time because it got so bad. Used an Inhaler all the...

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German – Back in action!

A few months ago, after an injury, I began to have chronic back and neck pain due to a pinched nerve. The pain would travel from my neck to my right...

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  • Testing these kiddos to see how their brains are working through a little cross crawl movement. I definitely wasn’t doing this because they were getting a little rambunctious. 😉 It was for their brain function I promise!
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