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Chiropractic and Autism

Chiropractic and Autism – Unlocking Potential We can all agree that a major level of brain dysfunction is present in people dealing with autism...

Secret Weapon During Cold and Flu Season

Secret Weapon During Cold and Flu Season Being that sick kid, or having that sick kid, is stressful. Let’s face it, we’ve all been sick and it is 0%...

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  • Our joints needs to move and move all of our joints. This year kettlebells will be an important part of my training. 
I even got some great training guides from @dr.michael.dellacorte (but this isn’t one of them 🤪) I’m no fitness pro, but if you need suggestions in getting started I’ll point you in the right direction and maybe even sign you up for a @spartanrace! 
It finally stopped raining so no excuses, start moving your body! 
#getadjusted #liftheavythings #eatclean #meditate #rest #havefun #repeat

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